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A message from Josh:

As we prepare to formally open the US office and showroom I am reflecting on the company's history. I get questions all the time from customers wanting to know more about our company and history so I thought it appropriate to share:

Angkor Cambodian Hair started in 2012 when I moved to Cambodia and met my now wife. Amy  is from Kandal province outside of  Phnom Penh and her family has been doing hair business in Cambodia for 20 years. My first business failed , but without that there would be no Angkor Cambodian Hair. 

In 2012 the Cambodian hair business was not as developed and although Amy's family was collecting 700kg per month, the ponytails were all being exported to other hair processing countries. We started picking through to find the best hair, begged and borrowed to set up wefting in the basement of her uncle's. Today her family collects and purchases anywhere from 500-1500kg of ponytails per month. Most ponytails are sold outside the country, but the top 10-20% we sell through Angkor Cambodian Hair. 

In late 2015 Amy was approved for a US Visa at the embassy in Phnom Penh and in February of 2016 we flew back to the US with 200kg of hair. The response was tremendous. Most of our customers are salons and wholesalers. The ability to let large customers inspect orders and ship small orders to fill in stock gaps for as little as $7 was a game changer. While waiting for Amy's immigration paperwork to be finalized, demand exploded. Since returning to the US in February, I'm meeting customers in person, letting larger customers inspect the hair, and overnighting hair to salons when they don't have the stock. 

We still don't know if we'll end up in US or Cambodia and customers are welcome to have hair shipped from either location, but for US customers, we have 80-100kg coming on commercial aircraft every week and our US office can save you money on shipping and allow you to inspect before purchase. And at least until Amy's paperwork is finalized with USCIS, I'm happy to meet any US customers in person. 

Finally, Amy, I and her family want to thank each and every customer from the bottom of our hearts. Without this business, we wouldn't be together!