Our shipping rates are amongst the cheapest in South East Asia. DHL shipping can be as low as $7 for each half KG. For larger shipments (20+ KG) we can help you get in touch with a trustworthy freight forwarder to book commercial airspace for even cheaper.

Most of out smaller transactions are processed with no fees. We can do this because one of our owners is also a US national and maintains a US bank account. We can accept payments up to $2,500 via no-fee transaction platforms such as Googlewallet, Transferwise, and PopMoney. Many of our customers are charged paypal fees and Western Union fees, but we can eliminate these.  

Cheap Shipping and No Transaction Fees

We're Different

We are a hair collection, manufacturing, and wholesale
company based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We offer top quality, luxury Cambodian hair directly to small salons and distributors for the same prices or less than the major hair distributors.

​We are sure that we offer the highest quality virgin Cambodian hair extensions for well below the competition. We have satisfied customers in more than 20 different countries and many strong brands and exporters in Cambodia source from us.

We are not a boutique company and do not offer 1,000 unique patterns and textures at inflated prices. Instead we have family connections that have been doing hair business in Cambodia long before any of the well known boutique sellers popped up.

Our owners' family is exporting raw pony tails to China and Korea. We choose the best from his selection and are the only wefters and exporters of this hair. This bypasses the middlemen--large hair wholesalers, hair manufacturers, and hair distributors--and saves our customers money

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