We have heard what you've been saying (in many cases over and over again) and this week we're happy to announce we've opened our 4th sorting group (Deep Wavy/Loose Curl)

Our patterns our: 1) Straight; 2) Natural/Loose Wavy; 3) Very Wavy; and 4) Deep Wavy/Loose Curl 

So far the feedback on the curly has been excellent. It is not the most curly, but it is the most curly we can offer while guaranteeing availability.  

As always, remember that we are not a boutique and don't have the very very rare curly patterns you might find with Arjuni or Kesia, but this new "curly" pattern is in stock, available, high quality, and REASONABLE PRICED!

12/14: Retail Launch - BHM Giveaway and $20 Off Any Three Bundles

We're giving away 6 free bundles and going live with a banner add on BHM to commemorate the launch of retail!! We're all so nervous, but the hair speaks for itself. We'll have plenty of pictures of hair later - in the meantime here's to our wonderful hometown of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Growing up a little more every day.

To our wholesale partners, we continue to stand by you and will not let you down. You will always come first--however, it's time to build a brand for all of us. You will always be the primary channel customers purchase our hair through so if you have any questions or concerns about the retail launch, reach out to us and we'll fill you in on our plans.

12/08: Pattern Clarification and New Curly Hair!!!!

12/06/2014: Post Black Friday

Wow! This was our first black Friday in business and I can honestly say we were not prepared. Sorry to everyone whose orders we couldn't commit to (please inquire earlier next year).

However, I'm happy to say we're back up to full capacity. Yesterday we shipped 8KG to Netherlands. Thank you all for the support and recommendations (especially all the new European customers!)